Bali is not just a picturesque vacation paradise; it’s a hub of artistic expression and cultural richness. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned artist, Bali offers a diverse range of craft classes that allow you to tap into your creative spirit. Here, we explore the top Bali craft classes that promise to enrich your travel experience and leave you with handmade souvenirs crafted by your own hands.


Wood Carving Workshop

Dive into the art of traditional Balinese wood carving. Master carvers share their skills and knowledge, helping you learn age-old techniques.

Workshop/Class: WS Art Studio or Agung Rai Museum of Art 


Celuk Village Silver Making Class

In Celuk Village, renowned for its skilled silversmiths, you can create your own jewelry. These classes offer a hands-on approach to the intricate process of silver making.

Workshop/Class: Celuk Bali Silver Class or The Jawan Silver Class


Batuan Painting Class

Discover the unique Batuan painting style characterized by its detailed and dramatic themes. Local artists guide you through the process of creating your own canvas.

Workshop/Class: John Hardy Boutique and Gallery


Batik Fabric Dyeing 

Delve into the colorful world of Batik. Under expert supervision, learn to design and dye your fabric, resulting in a stunning piece of wearable art.

Workshop/Class: WS Art Studio or John Hardy Boutique and Gallery


Pottery Classes

Master the art of silver crafting in a workshop known for its expert silversmiths. Engage in the detailed creation of your own silver jewelry.

Workshop/Class: Clay Craft Poetry Studio 


Balinese Mask Making

Immerse yourself in the cultural lore of Bali with a mask-making class. Carve and paint your mask, essential for Balinese rituals and performances.

Workshop/Class: Astina Mask Gallery or Sawidji Gallery


Basket Weaving 

Learn the traditional art of Balinese mask-making. Carve and paint your own mask, an important element in Balinese rituals and performances.

Workshop/Class: WS Art Studio


Glass Blowing 

Get involved in the fascinating world of glass blowing. Under expert tutelage, shape molten glass into stunning, colorful objects.

Workshop/Class: Sari Api Ceramic Studio


Lontar Palm Leaf Crafting

Engage with the unique craft of lontar palm leaf crafting. Make traditional fans and intricate wall hangings in a creative workshop setting.

Workshop/Class: Balinese Weaving Craft Class


Aromatherapy Products from Local Ingredients: Essence of Bali

Create your own aromatherapy products using natural local ingredients. This class teaches you to blend herbs and spices that soothe the soul and ignite the senses.

Workshop/Class: Bali Yoga Retreat


As you delve into these top Bali craft classes, you not only develop new skills but also gain deeper insights into the Balinese way of life. Each class offers a unique window into the traditions that shape the island’s cultural landscape. These experiences are more than just learning; they are about connecting with local artisans and preserving the artistic heritage of Bali. Whether you’re twisting silver, staining batik, or carving wood, each creation is a story you take home—a lasting memory of your time in Bali. So, immerse yourself in these craft classes and bring a piece of Bali’s soul back home with you.


Image by freepik