Bali serves as a sanctuary not only for surf enthusiasts and spiritual wanderers but also for vegans. Thanks to its health-oriented community, a plethora of dining spots dedicated to plant-based delights have sprouted across the island. In this guide, we unveil the best vegan restaurants in Bali. Each promising a distinctive gastronomic journey captivating every foodie’s heart.


Pels Supershop (Canggu)

Where health meets flavor, Pels Supershop stands as a refuge for those in pursuit of nutritious yet scrumptious vegan offerings. Its cool, airy ambiance with an industrial touch complements the hearty burritos, generous salad bowls, and the irresistibly rich cheesy lasagne.


The Shady Shack (Canggu)

Nestled amidst tranquil rice fields, The Shady Shack allows for a feast of inventive vegan plates amidst scenic vistas. Health enthusiasts will find an array of delectable options like the Japanese-style Nori Bowl and succulent Vegan Cheeseburger. You can also find sweet potato gnocchi paired with almond feta and a spectrum of raw desserts. They are all available from morning to evening.


I Am Vegan Babe (Canggu)

An emblem of plant-based passion, I Am Vegan Babe stands vibrantly in Canggu, with a menu as enjoyable as it is nourishing. The offerings here are abundant—salads, wraps, vibrant bowls, and juices, all set within the cafe’s tropical chic décor.


Kynd Community (Seminyak)

Kynd Community thrives on disseminating kindness via visually enticing and palatable vegan dishes. The menu here is a celebration of taste, offering a culinary departure from the typical vegan fare.


Tanaman (Seminyak)

Situated at Desa Potato Head, Tanaman pays homage to the plant kingdom from root to fruit. They celebrate each ingredient and elevating it to celestial levels through their vegan dishes.


Mad Pops (Seminyak)

Escape Bali’s tropical warmth with a dairy-free ice cream treat at Mad Pops. It’s a vegan haven amidst Seminyak’s lively streets. Be it salted caramel ice cream or fruity popsicles, Mad Pops brings to life the flavors vegans have always yearned for.


Sukun Restaurant (Legian)

A stone’s throw from Legian, Sukun Restaurant in Kuta offers a traditional Indonesian culinary adventure with a vegan flair. They utilize fresh island produce to celebrate Indonesia’s diverse flavors.


Crumb and Coaster (Kuta)

Nestled in the core of Kuta, Crumb & Coaster is revered for its wholesome, vegan-friendly menu. With an array of choices from fruit bowls and salads to pancakes and corn fritters, it’s the quintessential locale for a relaxed brunch.


Alchemy (Uluwatu)

Discover the enchantment of raw vegan cuisine at Alchemy in Uluwatu. Every dish here is a flavor and nutritional odyssey. They also served a selection of single-origin coffees, cold-pressed juices, and chilled kombucha.


Zest (Ubud)

With a serene backdrop of Ubud, Zest offers a sanctuary with its menu of vibrant plant-based masterpieces, encouraging a rekindling with nature. The offerings range from grilled jackfruit steaks and loaded pizzas to hearty sides like cassava fritters and spiced carrots.


Each of these esteemed dining spots unveils a facet of Bali’s flourishing vegan culture, making them essential visits for anyone keen on delving into the island’s plant-centric culinary offerings. The union of nature, culture, and vegan cuisine across these enchanting venues sums up the essence of a fulfilling Balinese adventure. So, during your next stop in the Island of Gods, ensure to bask in the verdant delights these best vegan restaurants in Bali.