Imagine a sunset over Bali’s lush landscapes, a gentle breeze carrying scents of the sea and spice, and in your hand, a glass of exquisite local wine that perfectly captures the spirit of the island. Known for its breathtaking beauty and vibrant culture, Bali also offers a unique palette of local wines that wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike can savor. This guide introduces you to the best Bali local wines, each offering a taste of the island’s rich soil and unique winemaking traditions.


Hatten Wines – The Pioneers

Hatten Wines, the innovator of Balinese winemaking, have been producing wine since 1994. They utilize local grapes like the Alphonse Lavallée, crafting wines that are perfectly suited to the tropical climate. Their Aga White is a must-try for its light, fruity notes ideal for Bali’s warm weather.


Plaga Wines – Modern Touches

Plaga Wines blend imported grapes with local varietals to create wines that are vibrant and full of character. Their Chardonnay is a standout, offering a crisp finish that pairs beautifully with Balinese seafood dishes.


Sababay Winery – Ethical and Sustainable

Sababay Winery operates on a “from farmers to your glass” philosophy, supporting local grape farmers with sustainable practices. Their Mascetti is a robust red with depths of flavor that reflect the volcanic soil of the region.


Two Islands Wines – A Taste of Australia

Two Islands Wines are known for their unique approach of importing Australian grapes and fermenting them in Bali. The result is a fusion that captures the essence of both terrains. Their Reserve Chardonnay is especially popular for its rich and creamy texture.


Discovering the best Bali local wines allows you to experience a side of Bali that goes beyond traditional tourist paths. From the pioneering efforts of Hatten Wines to the innovative approaches of Two Islands, each vineyard offers a unique story told through delightful vintages that deserve recognition. Whether you’re a wine lover or a new wine enthusiast, these Balinese wines provide a refreshing twist to your wine-tasting journey. Explore these wines, and you might just find your new favorite while getting a deeper appreciation for Bali’s rich cultural tapestry and innovative spirit.


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